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No.1   [Reply]

There's been a few issues surfacing recently, such as:

Therefore, an extended maintenance was scheduled, to address the following:

Estimated downtime: around 2h.
The exact time will be announced on Aug 31st.

Thank you for staying with us and tolerating our horrible service :3

>> No.2  

Scheduled maint time:
Sep 1st, 19:00 MSK/UTC+3
23:00 CST
08:00 PDT
11:00 EDT
Sep 2nd 0:00 JST/KST

>> No.3  

API supports the list of last 24h payments now.

>> No.4  

Phew! All the planned work done and hopefully with this we'll get a service quality improvement.
Happy mining!

>> No.5  

Despite overall better performance it seems either hardware or the new kernel have stability problems. Nothing suspicious in the logs, but we shall investigate as best we can.

>> No.6  

An update to most recent software will be performed to rule out a possible system bug.
Quick server restart.

>> No.7  

An extended ~3h maintenance will be held tomorrow to address the following:

  • an aforementined wallet change;
  • slight hardware setting tweak;
  • web server and database engine updates;
  • possible upstream patches.

Scheduled time:

Sep 30th, 18:00 MSK/UTC+3
23:00 CST
08:00 PDT
11:00 EDT
Oct 1st 00:00 JST/KST

>> No.8  

Stage1 report:

  • kernel and drivers update status OK!
  • webserver and DB engine update status OK!
  • awaiting payouts to be done for the rebuilt wallet testing.
>> No.9  

All blocks confirmed, final payout to be released shortly...

>> No.10  

Unfortunately, the wallet change did not pass the test.
As a workaround, a fresh address was created, which should sustain a smaller wallet.dat for a while!
Stratum servers are up, we'll continue monitoring for any issues that could've been overseen.
Difficulty drop should last for an hour or so, happy mining!

>> No.11  

A quick server restart will be performed on Oct 14th.
Approximate time:

16:00 MSK/UTC+3
21:00 CST
06:00 PDT
09:00 EDT
22:00 JST/KST

>> No.12  

The update is preparing and restart will take place soon.

>> No.13  

Updates in progress, a few restarts may take place.

>> No.14  

Restart finished, we'll be monitoring for any problems that may arise.

>> No.15  

A scheduled maintenance will be performed on Oct 28th, to address the following:

  • system update and server restart;
  • possible upstream patches.

Approximate time:

16:00 MSK/UTC+3
21:00 CST
06:00 PDT
09:00 EDT
22:00 JST/KST

Estimated downtime: less than 30 min.

>> No.16  

An update is unrolling, please wait warmly until it is ready...

>> No.17  

Update in on the way, server may restart a few times now.

>> No.18  

Restart complete, happy mining!

>> No.19  

A maintenance is scheduled for Nov 15th to address the following:

  • inflating disk space for the database;
  • possible upstream patches.

Estimated downtime: around 1h.
Exact time will be announced tomorrow.

>> No.20  

Nov 15th scheduled maintenance time:

16:00 MSK/UTC+3
21:00 CST
05:00 PST
08:00 EST
22:00 JST/KST

>> No.21  

Maint finished and status OK, happy mining!

>> No.22  

Nov 30th scheduled maintenance time:

07:00 MSK/UTC+3
12:00 CST
13:00 JST/KST
Nov 29th 20:00 PST
Nov 29th 23:00 EST

>> No.23  

The updates are unrolling, the restart is nigh.
Estimated downtime: less than 30 min.

>> No.24  

Restart complete, happy mining!

>> No.25  

Dec 30th extended maintenance plan:

  • usual system updates;
  • a fresh ANI wallet to combat the increasing file size;
  • upstream patches.

Approximate time maintenance begins:

16:00 MSK/UTC+3
21:00 CST
05:00 PST
08:00 EST
22:00 JST/KST

Estimated downtime: up to 4h.

>> No.26  

Pool fees will stay at 1%. Thank you for your feedback!

>> No.27  

Among other things, the current ANI wallet source is incompatible with openssl 1.1. This is something to be addressed in the future...

>> No.28  

We're coming back online, happy mining in the coming year!

>> No.29  

Jan 27th maintenance schedule:

05:00 MSK/UTC+3
Jan 26th 18:00 PST
Jan 26th 21:00 EST
10:00 CST
11:00 JST/KST

Includes hardware checkup, expected downtime around 2h.

>> No.30  

Restart complete, all systems appear operational.
We'll be monitoring server stability for the next hour.

>> No.31  

Mar 6th maintenance start:

16:00 MSK/UTC+3
21:00 CST
05:00 PST
08:00 EST
22:00 JST/KST

>> No.32  

Finalizing the last steps of the maintenance!

  • ELI disabled, press F to pay respects;
  • system updated to Linux kernel 5.0;
  • got rid of the few systemwide issues;
  • various upstream fixes.
>> No.33  

A maintenance will be held on Apr 5th, starting at:

10:00 MSK/UTC+3
15:00 CST
16:00 JST/KST
00:00 PDT
03:00 EDT

The wallet will be cleaned up to fix the response time.
A stress test of a new wallet version will be performed.
A database partition maintenance is also planned.
Routine system and upstream updates to follow.

Estimated downtime: around 2h.

>> No.34  

Wallet file has grown too big to be processed in timely manner, causing periodic denial of service.
Today's maintenance shall resolve this issue.

>> No.35  

Wallet has been updated and withstands an online test now.
The settings were updated to properly use sendmany call and beat the old 1200 ANI max payment limit.
Other updates still in progress.

>> No.36  

Restart complete, up we go!

>> No.37  

There seems to be a filesystem issue, please stand by...

>> No.38  

May 3rd maintenance time:

18:00 MSK/UTC+3
23:00 CST
08:00 PDT
11:00 EDT
May 4th 00:00 JST/KST

Estimated downtime: less than 30 min.

>> No.39  

Jun 20th maintenance approximate starting time:

10:00 MSK/UTC+3
15:00 CST
16:00 JST/KST
00:00 PDT
03:00 EDT

The new wallet snapshot will be hot-tested, the downtime may last up to 4h.

>> No.40  

Aug 1st maint start:
14:00 MSK/UTC+3
19:00 CST
03:00 PST
06:00 EST
20:00 JST/KST

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