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There's been a few issues surfacing recently, such as:

Therefore, an extended maintenance was scheduled, to address the following:

Estimated downtime: around 2h.
The exact time will be announced on Aug 31st.

Thank you for staying with us and tolerating our horrible service :3

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>> No.30  

Restart complete, all systems appear operational.
We'll be monitoring server stability for the next hour.

>> No.31  

Mar 6th maintenance start:

16:00 MSK/UTC+3
21:00 CST
05:00 PST
08:00 EST
22:00 JST/KST

>> No.32  

Finalizing the last steps of the maintenance!

  • ELI disabled, press F to pay respects;
  • system updated to Linux kernel 5.0;
  • got rid of the few systemwide issues;
  • various upstream fixes.
>> No.33  

A maintenance will be held on Apr 5th, starting at:

10:00 MSK/UTC+3
15:00 CST
16:00 JST/KST
00:00 PDT
03:00 EDT

The wallet will be cleaned up to fix the response time.
A stress test of a new wallet version will be performed.
A database partition maintenance is also planned.
Routine system and upstream updates to follow.

Estimated downtime: around 2h.

>> No.34  

Wallet file has grown too big to be processed in timely manner, causing periodic denial of service.
Today's maintenance shall resolve this issue.

>> No.35  

Wallet has been updated and withstands an online test now.
The settings were updated to properly use sendmany call and beat the old 1200 ANI max payment limit.
Other updates still in progress.

>> No.36  

Restart complete, up we go!

>> No.37  

There seems to be a filesystem issue, please stand by...

>> No.38  

May 3rd maintenance time:

18:00 MSK/UTC+3
23:00 CST
08:00 PDT
11:00 EDT
May 4th 00:00 JST/KST

Estimated downtime: less than 30 min.

>> No.39  

Jun 20th maintenance approximate starting time:

10:00 MSK/UTC+3
15:00 CST
16:00 JST/KST
00:00 PDT
03:00 EDT

The new wallet snapshot will be hot-tested, the downtime may last up to 4h.

File: 1529596494906.jpg -(2035786 B, 3508x2244) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2035786 No.1   [Reply]

Pool's open to public, any feedback would be much appreciated!

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>> No.60  

ANI wallet is being restarted, please stand by...

>> No.61  

A short power failure led to an unplanned restart, funds are safe.

>> No.62  

Recovered from a server problem resulting in about 2h downtime T_T

>> No.63  

An unplanned restart after a power failure, we'll be back in a few minutes...

>> No.64  

An emergency restart takes place due to server equipment failure. we apologize for any inconvenice this might cause.

>> No.65  

A disk failure occured, leading to a short downtime.
Operation is being resumed now, WAVI wallet may take a bit longer to come online.

>> No.66  

Powerline works ended, resuming operation.

>> No.67  

ANI wallet is restarting, please wait warmly...

>> No.68  

Issue resolved, apologies for the prolonged downtime.
WAVI will be up shortly.

>> No.69  

Wallet will be restarted now, it should take a few minutes to come back online.

File: 1530312148482.png -(1702855 B, 1077x526) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1702855 No.1   [Reply]


>> No.2  
File: 1530382263756.png -(3398061 B, 1276x886) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

ANI pump! Get it while it's hot!

>> No.3  

ANI goes up again today, have fun!

>> No.4  
File: 1534241903246.png -(3458593 B, 1290x892) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Most altcoins lost 15-20% on a Black Monday Aug 13th.
Interestingly, ANI not just survives, but even draws a sort of inverted H&S (if it's ever meaningful with such meager volumes). Good luck ANI!

>> No.5  

After a sizeable dip, a small pump is ongoing. Take a chance!

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